SuperMedia & Dex One Layoffs

by Chris Silver Smith

A few people internally at SuperMedia’s Superpages have pinged me this week to let me know of a larger layoff that happened yesterday at the company — reportedly 300 or more employees, primarily in the Internet Sales Division, were layed-off. I’m surprised Dallas Morning News hasn’t reported on it.

Dex One is apparently also planning to lay off 65 graphics workers in Colorado.

Both companies have already gone through a few rounds of cuts at this point, severely reducing the numbers of employees they have. I’ve also heard that both companies are using similar language around plans to outsource various functions overseas.

SuperMedia + Dex One = SuperDex

I've speculated for a while that SuperMedia, Dex & another company might merge.

While it’s not surprising that either company would be doing cost-cutting activities, I continue to believe that the silver lining may be that these actions still look like possible advanced reorganization plans prior to merger of the yellow pages companies.

It might be significant that the layoffs are happening somewhat in sync.

My heart goes out to the layed-off employees — I hope you all find new replacement jobs quickly! Just know that there is life after Superpages. 🙂


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5 Responses to “SuperMedia & Dex One Layoffs”

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  2. Lee says:

    I am one of the people who was let go in the round of layoffs slated for 3/11/11. I had 20 years service, started with NYNEX in 1991, This mess all started with the hyped up dumping of the directories division into bankruptcy, unloading Verizon debt as if it belonged to Idearc/Supermedia.

  3. Nakia L. Lane says:

    I was also one that was laided off wish I would have seen this add sooner!! I was hired 6/2011 and just let go 9/2011 I was a Marketing Lead Generator at the Overland Park, KS Office. Great Place to work wonderful work enviroment however I left a job that I had been on for four years to go there then was told of the elimination and let go the same day!! If I would have seen this I would have not accepted the position.

  4. We are looking for people from DEX to assist in our call center. If there are any further layoffs in the Overland Park office, please forward our information along to them.

    Thank You,

    T.W. Lynch
    Empire Media Partners, LLC

  5. dean ricci says:

    I was working in the chantilly northern virginia office and was discharged in december 2012
    The office is going thru some very tough economic times and has had to lay off many sales reps since the beginning of the year .
    I would be very wary if i was seeking employment at this time with thios company they have major print revenue declines and the internet product can not make up for that at this time .
    management in the office had become very intolarent of there sales reps that were struggling and would prefer to manage them out the door instead of trying to work with them .