Speaking At Upcoming DFW SEM Meeting

by Chris Silver Smith

I’m looking forward to speaking at the upcoming DFW SEM Association meeting on May 19th, dubbed “Location, Location, Location, all about Local Search” along with David Mihm of GetListed.org and Brian Combs of ionadas.

Dallas - Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association

I’ve met both Brian and David on the search marketing convention circuit, and consider them to be colleagues and great experts on local search engine marketing subjects. I had a chance to look over the topics all three of us will be covering in our panel presentation, and I think there’ll be some great info for both advanced and novice online marketers who want to learn more about rankings in local search results.

In the advance planning proposal, I described my presentation material as follows:

According to Wired Magazine in March, Google rolled out over 500 changes to its ranking algorithm during the last year. Iterative changes to local search results comprised one large part of that, and Google’s changes within Google Maps were significant and substantial during the past eight months.

I’ll touch upon some of the new and emerging ranking signals and tactics which may be leveraged by marketers, including the major paradigm change brought by PlaceRank, and how various usability signals play a major part in local search engine rankings.

If you’re one of my frequent readers, you know that I recently wrote about how Google could easily be using a number of usability signals in ranking webpages, and I listed out ten possible elements. Special to this DFWSEM presentation, I intend to cover a few more elements for the first time. Not only could these elements be influential in local search rankings, but also in the regular keyword search results.

So, I hope you can make it to this meeting!


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