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Univeral Business Listing (UBL) User Conference

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Universal Business Listing - UBLI’m looking forward to attending the Universal Business Listing (“UBL”) User Conference today in Charlotte, NC.

It was particularly exciting to visit with friends such as Mike Blumenthal and to get to meet Sebastien Provencher for the first time in person!

I don’t know yet if I’ll have an opportunity to post updates on the proceedings, but perhaps later on.

As you may know, Universal Business Listing is a data aggregator and online presence management service for businesses, and they provide business listings to a number of maps, local search, and directory sites.

Attending & Reporting On BIA/Kelsey’s DMS ’10 Conference

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

DMS '10 Yellow Pages and BeyondThe Directional Media Strategies 2010 conference is happening this week in Dallas, and I’ll be attending and reporting on it. DMS is the central conference of the Yellow Pages industry, and is attended by many directories, directory service providers, and other local tech companies.

The conference is scheduled to begin Tuesday at 12:30 pm CST, and I’m planning to live blog some of the sessions over at Search Engine Land.

I’ll try to Tweet the URL and update it here when I start, so check back.

Speaking at MIMA Summit 2010

Monday, September 13th, 2010

MIMA SummitI’m looking forward to speaking at the MIMA Summit later this month.

I’ll be speaking on Local & Blended Search Optimization.

“Blended Search” describes how search engines have evolved search results pages to include content from other “vertical search” results such as including images from image search, videos from video search, and news from news search.

Blended Search results can include images, video, news, blog links, maps and map content, shopping products and more.

Google’s product name for Blended Search is “Universal Search”.

Of particular interest to locally-based businesses and companies with brick-and-mortar locations are the subjects of Local Search, including info on how to rank well for searches in Google Maps and Bing Maps.

I’ll be covering key ranking criteria and ranking factors for achieving rankings for your content under Blended/Universal Search, as well as in Local Search.

While achieving rankings for content in Blended Search may sound somewhat esoteric or specialized, contemporary SEO typically requires increased attention to ranking within the various search verticals in order to augment the more pedestrian keyword search results.

Great DFWSEM Local Search Marketing Evening

Friday, May 21st, 2010
Thank you to DFWSEM & everyone who promoted Wednesday night’s session and attended! Also, thank you for inviting me to speak along with David Mihm and Brian Combs.

David Mihm, Brian Combs and Chris Silver Smith at DFWSEM. May, 2010
David Mihm, Brian Combs & Chris Silver Smith – Speaking at Dallas-Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association’s Local Search Event

The three of us spoke on local search marketing, with out-of-stater David leading off with some basic, solid tactics for ranking in local search. I followed with some observations about Google Maps’ paradigm-shift to PlaceRank and some theories on other ranking signals that Google may be using. Brian rounded out the lineup with some details on leveraging reviews for local search — an influential chunk of what likely is being used under the PlaceRank algorithms.

I was overwhelmed at DFWSEM’s advanced promotion of the event (more…)