SepiaTown: Cool New Google Maps Mashup

by Chris Silver Smith

SepiaTown - From Here To ThenSepiaTown (tagline: “From Here To Then”) is a cool Google Maps mashup that I recently ran across.

The service takes historical photos and maps them to their locations on a Google Map.

SepiaTown Example - Downtown San Francisco

The example screengrab above is from the historic Chinese Tung Food Company in downtown San Francisco, California.

The service is set up with a simple, “clean” feel, making it very easy to use.

I think that increasingly there will be instances of people taking various kinds of historical data like these vintage photograph images, and making more available through search engines and through Google Maps.

Imagine that it might be possible at some future point to click to slide some sort of tool in Google Maps which would move along a timeline, allowing one to only choose content from a particular, past timeframe.


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One Response to “SepiaTown: Cool New Google Maps Mashup”

  1. geocoded Art says:

    We would like to bring to your attention another historical mashup, this one featuring masterpiece landscape (and cityscape and seascape) painting.
    Also, we are going mobile via Wikitude.
    See story on Maps Mania: