My Interview At Nifty Marketing

by Chris Silver Smith

Mike Ramsey interviewed me over at Nifty Marketing: “Local Search Talk Series Part 4: Chris Silver Smith Interview“.

Previous interviews in the series include Matt McGee, Dev Basu, and Miriam Ellis.

I’m not at all sure that our group should be spilling all the local search ranking secrets to Mike in this way! Way, way, way too openly!

For myself, I cite the excuse that I was high on dental anesthetics at the time, which are the equivalent of being given truth serum. I was drugged, dammit! 😉


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One Response to “My Interview At Nifty Marketing”

  1. Mike Ramsey says:

    Ha! I do seem to have a way to extract information from people. Must have been a direct result from the CIA work I used to do with waterboarding and such. Well, I didn’t have to use to much force in getting some good answers from some of the local’s. 😉