Google’s Earth Art Logo

by Chris Silver Smith

Google Israel has a logo for celebrating Tu Bishvat. Barry Schwartz explains that the Tu Bishvat (פרוייקט ההר הירוק) holiday is known as the “New Year of the Trees”, and to observe it many people will plant new trees or donate trees in Israel. (The associated Google search for the logo goes to “Green Mountain Project” which is an online photo album allowing people to share past photos of Carmel, which suffered a fire that ruined the trees there.)

What’s particularly interesting to me is that this special logo is based on earth art which is accomplished by people planting crops and arranging earthworks to depict pictures or words:

Google Earth Art Logo

I’ve written about crop art and earth art a number of times before, and you can also see a number of examples, as viewed through Google Maps via my past article on Search Engine Land: 20 Awesome Images Found In Google Maps.

I’m just wondering if the artist that made this Google “Doodle” logo is familiar with earth art or crop art, or whether this was just coincidental use of the earth art motif.

Incidentally, if you’ve never used a Hebrew search form before, you should try out Google Israel’s — Hebrew is written from right-to-left as opposed to our more familiar left-to-right. For any westerners, trying to use a Hebrew search form is a surreal experience — I once had to do some Hebrew searches years ago, and found it more difficult than trying to drive on the left side in other countries. I ultimately had to get an Israeli friend to help me.

If you like earth art or crop art, also check out my collection of images of cornfield mazes which can be seen via online maps, and articles about “roofvertising“.


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