Best Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant in Dallas

by Chris Silver Smith

When you live in Dallas but are not the meat-a-holic that everyone else in the state of Texas seems to be, it can seem to be a bit of a dry desert in terms of finding vegan or vegetarian restaurants. There are a few good options out there, however, if you know where to look. But, my favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Dallas is currently V-Eats Modern Vegan at Trinity Groves.

The Southern Plate - vegan comfort food and my favorite vegan dish in all of Dallas-Fort Worth!

The “Southern Plate” – vegan comfort food and my favorite vegan dish in all of Dallas-Fort Worth!

Trinity Groves is a cool little newish restaurant row of experimental eateries all clustered together in a special restaurant incubator intended to enable aspiring chefs to try out their restaurant concepts on an eager public. As such, V-Eats is the brainchild of Troy Gardner who bravely started up the vegetables-only menu in the midst of many other restaurants that catered to the more predictable carnivorous public.

Very shrewdly, they decided on a theme of “Southern Comfort Foods” at V-Eats. Many of the vegetarian options around town are primarily or only built on Asian ethnic foods — such as Chinese or Indian. That makes sense, because some of those other cultures have a much longer tradition of vegetarian diets while the American traditional foods do not. This may be why I appreciate V-Eats so much — it provides a much-needed outlet for people who really would like to eat vegan or vegetarian beyond just the very typical Asian food options. And, the cool thing is that by conquering Southern Comfort Foods, V-Eats may be a place where one can sometimes persuade non-vegetarian friends to join one for dinner once in a while.

In order to really qualify as American comfort food, it’s necessary to leverage a few believable meat and cheese substitutes. V-Eats has really excelled in this arena, offering some great entrees such as Salisbury “Steak”, and some dishes using a Seitan “brisket”. Of course, the sauces are engineered to work in combination with the excellent faux meat textures to provide a really excellent experience of eating these meat-free dishes.

Vegan Salisbury Steak and Potatoes

Vegan “Salisbury Steak” and Potatoes


Vegan Brisket Sliders

Vegan “Brisket” Sliders

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese at V-Eats

As for a cheese dish, V-Eats has cooked-up a great version of macaroni-and-cheese which is nothing short of divine! While not carb-free, and therefore not a low-calorie dish, it is quite satisfying without the sensation of having bathed in oil afterwards!

My favorite entree is their “Southern Plate” of comfort foods which is entirely sufficient for an entire meal unto itself — truly, you do not need appetizers before this! It has a few slices of barbecued “brisket” filets on a bed of great cabbage, a small bowl of “Great Northern” cooked beans, a cornbread muffin with vegan butter, an option of fried pickles or fried green tomato, and some roasted sweet potato with marshmallows! This plate could really satisfy the most insistently anti-vegan meateater friend you may have!

Don’t forget the mixed drinks! This isn’t a wimpy coop-driving hippie restaurant with no alcohol for dinner — they have a nice bar with mixologist-level drinks that are quite comforting accompaniment to the great food. The cocktails are great, and they also offer a few wines and beer.

Overall, V-Eats is a really fantastic restaurant for lunch, brunch or dinner, located conveniently near downtown Dallas. You may see me there yet again!


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