AT&T Opens Mobile App Incubator In Texas

by Chris Silver Smith

AT&T Mobile Phone App DevelopmentThe Dallas News reports that AT&T has officially opened a new center in Plano, Texas, to help mobile app developers create and launch their work.

“The AT&T Foundry in Plano is a slick, high-tech workspace designed to connect developers with experts already employed at the telecommunications giant.”

Plano is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

If you’re unaware, AT&T’s yellow pages division moved a couple of years back from San Antonio to Dallas, and their global headquarters is located here as well. They also have interactive offices in California which work on some of their social media initiatives along with the site.

I’m supposing that this is to put AT&T in an advantageous position for buying or investing in the app developers’ inventions, but it could be intended to primarily encourage more development on their platform, which they can profit from through increased data transfers, advertising distribution, and better customer loyalty.

If you’re in a speculative mood, and we always are here at Nodal Bits, then you might also consider that this sets up their Dallas/Plano locations to increase their interactive development here, and with SuperMedia located in DFW as well, the facility could become part of the headquarters for a potential merged yellow pages company.


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