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Chris Silver Smith at Nodal BitsHi, welcome to the blog of Chris Silver Smith.

I’m a technologist and marketer, and I typically write about internet technologies and search engine marketing (particularly topics involving Search Engine Optimization, “SEO”), and I sometimes stray into mentioning stuff involving nanotechnology, Science Fiction, design, usability, and other non sequiturs.

I dabble in far too many things. Photography. Map-Making. Painting. Bookbinding. Goth Music. The Voynich Manuscript. Programming. Gadget/Widget Building. Microformats. Lewis Carroll. Cellular Automata. The Game of Go. Umberto Eco. Steampunk Fiction/Music. Etc.

In the past, I have been a professional cartographer and I served as the head of the technology department for Verizon’s Superpages.com (company since spun off and called “SuperMedia”).

I am President/Founder of Argent Media Search Marketing Agency, located in Dallas, Texas.

I am on advisory boards for FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters company, and Universal Business Listing.

I have previously worked for KeyRelevance, and Netconcepts (since acquired by Covario).

For unfathomable reasons, editors Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman continue to let me write all sorts of garbled things in the Locals Only column at Search Engine Land, which I enjoy quite a bit.

The things I write are my opinion alone, and do not necessarily represent companies I advise, Search Engine Land, nor any other entity other than myself.

For more info about me, visit my website, Chris Silver Smith , or my Google Profile: +Chris Silver Smith.

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  1. […] Chris Silver Smith是搜索引擎营销的专家,他首先对圣信(Sensis)的本次案例给予了一些赞扬:“因为这是我见到的很有眼光的促销活动之一。但是,我需要提出质疑的是,这次很有意思的寻宝行动所涉及到的人群,是否就是圣信(Sensis)的目标受众?” […]

  2. Hi Chris,

    thought I would clear up some confusion on the article about Sudbury Hydro and Mergers. There is in fact no merger, the search record would have come from one of thousands of users (including every public library in town) of our commercial network. Initially the name of the competitive affiliate was Sudbury Hydro Communications, then it became Greater Sudbury Telecommunications Inc. now it operates as Agilis Networks. Still the same owner however. I guess the administrative upkeep hasn’t happened at ARIN and that’s why it still has the Sudbury Hydro name attached to the partial block of ips.

    It hasn’t caused any grief but once a year or so one of our employees comes across and has a moment of consternation before I can clear it up.

    Frank Kallonen

    President & CEO – Greater Sudbury Utilities

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